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I've always wanted to create great drama by examining the human condition in ways that may not be obvious to everyone. That is, lifting the veil on the inner workings of peoples psyche and finding out what makes them tick. I will try to show this by exploring what someone would do when faced with a life and death decision.

To make a film about life and death decisions is not a new idea, however with this film I'm seeking to approach the matter in a way which is closer to home than the usual fare.

When I read an early draft of the script for House of Shadows, I could see how it provided a vehicle to explore these profound questions about the value of life itself, and in a way which we may all encounter one day.

The story explores the mind of a devoted husband wrestling with his conscience, deciding whether or not he should honour the request of his terminally ill wife to end her life humanely. The worlds of reality and imagination blurs as his wife's physical condition is mirrored in his deteriorating psychological condition. As he slips into his own fantasy world, his true inner self is revealed.

The visual style of the film will convey this inner struggle with contrasting compositions and symmetry to add tension. Grading will lean towards undersaturated colours to underline the deterioating state of the protagonist's mind. His fantasy world is less colourful with light and shadows playing the most important part.




House of Shadows is an emotionally charged psychological thriller which tells the story of John Foster, a retired architect turned bed and breakfast owner who is wrestling with his conscience about whether or not to fulfill a promise and end the life of his terminally ill wife humanely.

While grappling with this impossible decision, a young musician, Jay-J, knocks on John's door requesting board and lodgings for the night. Reluctantly, John agrees.

However, it soon becomes clear that the brash young man is not here to gain cultural inspiration for a new album by touring the B&Bs of Britain as he originally claims, he's a contract killer hired by someone close to the architect with one simple duty to perform - to kill.

But just as the young man believes he has John right where he wants him, John starts to reveal some secrets of his own, unleashing an unexpected chain of events, leading to a startling discovery, an extra visitor, and a deadly conclusion.

House of Shadows is a bold investigation into the splintered psyche of a man tortured by the ultimate test of true love by destroying the thing he loves the most to end the suffering.


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